Project Overview

The Oregon Department of Transportation and Washington County (in a partnership project) are currently designing the next phase of ODOT RealTime, a system that provides real-time traffic information on roads to help travelers get where they're going more safely and efficiently.

The signs include:

Travel time sign

Travel time signs

will display estimated travel times to key destinations so that drivers can plan their arrival time or consider taking an alternate route.

Traveler information sign

Traveler information signs

will alert drivers about crashes, congestion, road conditions, closures and other traffic-related information, giving drivers the ability to make travel decisions in real time.

Advisory speed signs

Advisory speed signs

will display advisory speed based on the traffic ahead. The advisory speeds will change as real-time conditions change.

All travelers in the new sign corridors will benefit from this expanded system.

Real-time data from hundreds of sensors embedded in the roadways detecting traffic volume and speeds is transmitted to and from ODOT’s Traffic Operations Center every 20 seconds and displayed on electronic highway signs. These signs - called ODOT RealTime signs - are used to display traffic flow and roadway conditions, enabling drivers to make informed travel decisions. ODOT RealTime was successfully implemented in July 2014 and can be seen on roads and freeways throughout the Portland metro area. This project will expand ODOT RealTime to additional corridors in the area.

The following corridors within the Portland Metro-area are part of this project:

  • US 26 between OR 217 and the Vista Ridge Tunnel
  • I-84 between I-5 and I-205
  • Tualatin-Valley Highway (TV Highway/OR 8) between Brookwood Avenue and OR 217
  • Cornelius Pass Road between US 26 and TV Highway
  • SW 185th Avenue between US 26 and TV Highway
  • Murray Boulevard between US 26 and Scholls Ferry Road
  • Scholls Ferry Road between Murray Boulevard and OR 217

Project Map: Roads and freeways where new ODOT RealTime system improvements will be installed.

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